Pump Station Construction

Brown Property Group engaged Adept Civil Group to construct a pump station at a depth of 9.5 m along with 1.513 km of rising sewer main along the Berwick-Clyde road. The pump station needed to service more than 800 properties and several retail stores in the Avenue Estate. 

The project took ten weeks to complete.

The work we did

Pump station - tank construction

The pump station was constructed at a total depth of 9.5 metres. The excavation was carried out by benching the initial 3.5 metres of depth, and then the remaining depth supported by Trench Shield configured as a box.

The 2.8-metre diameter tank was constructed using pre-cast sections craned into position on a concrete base from Berwick-Clyde Road. As each section of the pre-cast tank was lowered into place, the surrounding excavation was backfilled with stabilised compacted crushed rock. Once the final level was stabilised, the precast tops were lowered into position and backfilled with stabilised sand to ensure a firm and stable foundation.

Rising sewer main installation

The rising sewer main was 1.513 kilometres long. The pipelines depth ranged from 5.2 metres at its deepest to 1.5 metres. The pipes passed through areas of rock and clean clay. All installed pipe was butt welded 280 mm (PE 100).

  • a 450 mm gas transmission line

  • a major telecommunications route

  • two 1500 mm diameter water mains.

All services required hand excavation to confirm location and type before passing.

The design required the installation of a scour assembly and valves at a depth of 2 metres, 111.24 metres from the pump station. This installation proved to be challenging with the design calling for the installation to be within the spoon drain and next to a culvert drain. Because the volume of drainage the spoon drain provided, we had to temporarily divert the spoon drain and sandbag the installation site to allow for the excavation. After the installation, we reinstated the spoon drain.

Air relief valve and tank installation

The design also called for the installation of an air relief valve and 2-metre diameter tank at 643.73 m from the pump station at a depth of 1.95 metres. The excavation and installation were in rock, raising the usual challenges associated with this type of location.


The project was a success. It was delivered on time and within budget, with no time lost due to injury, and minimal impact on the environment

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