Sewer diversion

Northland Shopping Centre is a large retail centre in Preston, about 11 km north of Melbourne. Part of the site recently underwent redevelopment. Novion Property Group contracted Adept Civil Group for a sewer diversion project as part of this redevelopment.


We diverted an existing 225 mm sewer main at the shopping centre’s redeveloped north-western corner.

The project included:

  • laser boring 375 metres for the reticulation extension

  • the construction of six new 1050 mm manholes ranging in depth from 4 metres to 12 metres.

The project took 12 weeks.

The work we did

We excavated two bore shafts at a depth of 5 metres and shored them using shields and plates. Once the free bore was completed, the 272 GRP jacking pipe was installed, utilising centralising spaces. We then grouted the annulus.

We excavated five of the new manholes using the timber ring and shaft method while we augured the last one and fitted it with a steel caisson due to its 12-metre depth.

Stakeholder engagement

Because construction was carried out in streets next to the shopping centre and close to homes, as part of this project, we had to liaise closely with the stakeholders including council, householders, shoppers, and centre management.


We successfully diverted the sewer main and minimised disturbance to the neighbourhood. The project was delivered on time and within budget. There was no time lost due to injury, and there was minimal impact on the environment.

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