Manhole construction and PVC pipe installation

Sunland Developments contracted Adept Civil Group to install PVC piping for the sewer system for the new development and construct six manholes.

For this project, we:

  • installed 506 metres of 225 mm PVC piping

  • constructed six manholes – 1 x 1200 mm diameter gas check manhole and 5 x 1050 mm diameter manholes.

The work we did

The site’s condition (urban medium density) and soil type (sandy clay) presented us with some challenges. We devised a construction strategy to use laser boring and insert 3 metre x 325 mm diameter steel sleeves to facilitate the installation of 225 mm PVC piping.

We excavated and installed trench shielding for the three bore shafts needed for the commencement and receiving of the laser bore. The bore depths ranged from 4 metres to 6.9 metres depth with a total length exceeding 400 metres.

Once we completed the bores and inserted the PVC piping within the steel sleeves, we concreted the ends of the bores and grouted the voids within the sleeves to encase the pipes.

The section of the bore passing under Westall Road required a 600 mm bore and the insertion of a 600 mm concrete pipe to carry the 225 mm PVC piping. The bore shaft and shielding necessary for this bore was an 6-metre excavation with a width of 2.2 metres and depth of 6.9 metres.

We used an excavator-driven hydraulic auger to excavate the manholes. Because of the sandy clay ground conditions, we shored the excavations by installing steel caissons. This allowed us to safely and efficiently construct the manholes to the design specifications.


The project met the design specifications and resulted in a connection into an existing manhole that was 10.1 metres deep and servicing an 825 mm main trunk. The project was delivered on time and within budget. There was no lost time due to injury and minimal impact on the environment.

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